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Lincolnshire 4th of July 5k
The Lincolnshire 4th of July 5k is a friendly 5k run/walk through the beautiful tree lined streets of Lincolnshire. It is only possible with the assistance of some great people. Many of the positions still allow you to run in the race. Those positions that are not able to run in the race have been noted below.
Date: July 4, 2007
Name of Task: Bike Timers
  These volunteers are stationed at each mile marker on the race course letting the runners know their current times. A bike is required to go quickly from the start line to the mile marker. These individuals cannot run in the race.
  If you would like further information regarding this task please contact David Walter at or by calling 847-876-8948
Time Slot: 08:00 am to 09:00 am
  Scott Klasen
  Jen Bott
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